Hey Screenlabers! I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year and that a lot of writing was done!

I just wanted to let everyone know what’s been going on!

Firstly, how do you like the new site? We’ll be actively tweaking the look of the site and creating a logo along with creating a content pipeline which I’ll share a little later on.

Secondly, It’s Short Time has officially begun for 2019! I shared a post on Monday about the theme and genre for the week. I’m super excited we get to share this amazing learning tool with you all. My goal with IST (It’s Short Time) is to improve our writing and now you guys can improve too!

Thirdly, our short, The Mantle, won a finalist spot at the Big Apple Film Festival and we now have the opportunity to pitch The Mantle to industry professionals. Super exciting!

Finally, our content pipeline for the site is as follows:

  1. Sunday: Short Submissions
  2. Monday: It’s Short Time roll – Theme and Genre for the week
  3. Tuesday: TBD
  4. Wednesday: Francesco’s reflection VLOG on the prior week short
  5. Thursday: TBD
  6. Friday: Myles’ reflection VLOG on the prior week short

The above pipeline schedule will begin next week starting on Sunday.

That’s it Screenlabers! I just wanted to let you know what’s going on and another big thing we are excited for is that we are developing a podcast where we will discuss narrative covering news, reviews (on actual Screenplays and not Film) along with education to better writing and more. Stay tuned for an update on this in the coming months.

Until then, I’m Myles Blasonato for JMF signing off.

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