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Myles and I have begun writing a feature film recently so time has been short. Because of this, we have decided to now write, instead of film our reflections. I hope you enjoy my reflection blog this week.

Short: The Climb

Theme: Man Vs Nature

Genre: Crime


It goes without saying that the previous weeks short was not my best. It was rushed and my focus was on writing our feature, which I am really enjoying by the way.


My inspiration this week was an idea in the shower moment when I was thinking of a way to combine man vs nature with crime. Mount Everest was the first thing that came to mind. Then I said – what if a group of expert climbers get together for one last climb. Along the way though, what if one has sinister intentions to be remembered for highest number of successful climbs. Because of this they start to kill the other climbers off one by one.

Theme & Genre:

As I said earlier, the level of thought that went into this short was minimal. For the genre – crime – I wanted everyone to go missing one by one. As for the theme. Well if I’m being honest I didn’t set out a theme before writing. I simply stuck to man vs nature (them on the mountain) without really going into a specific belief or sub theme on the topic.


I still think this is a great idea that I would like to fully flesh out as a feature one day.

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