Reflection BLOG – Myles

Frank and I have begun writing a feature film recently so time has been short. Because of this, we have now decided to only participate in It’s Short Time once a month. The start of the Month. But we will still do the roll and everyone is welcome to submit their shorts.

Short: Primal Fury

Theme: Man Vs Nature

Genre: Crime


I started going into this project wanting to do something around 5-6 pages long and it ended up being 10 pages long. However, I didn’t outline for this story and something very interesting happened in that I saw a shift in tone with monster sequences feeling more serious and interactions with the Evil genius feeling lighter just as a Universal Monster film. Perhaps this could be my voice as a writer showing itself to me.


My inspiration this week was an idea based on family and sticking together as it was something that has occurred recently in my personal life and I needed an outlet to express myself.

Theme & Genre:

I had trouble weaving “Crime” into the theme of family sticks together no matter what. Adding in clues and not revealing the Monkey until the end of act 2 was the reason the script is 10 pages instead of the initial 5-6 page I aimed to have. However, I think it worked well in the end.


I enjoyed writing this story as I winged it the whole way through but the more interesting discovery was that a mixture of tone came through without any planning. I think this could be my inner writer voice coming through. I want to experiment with this mixture of tones going forward.

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